Marko Milo

Oh, my demon

Oh, my demon
It’s been a while
Here to cut me down again, I see
You treacherous squire

Penetrated the walls,
You have again
With no visible damage to it?
Nor the terrain?

Invaded my kingdom
You wench, you grunt

Defeated my grandfather
You shameless cunt

But You shall not strike me down as well.

Lurking in the shadows,
Sensed you for hours
Waiting for a chance
To dance with the gallows

But You have not killed me yet.

Always a mystery,
To me you have been
But then also
I have known you too well

Appear from nowhere, and tie me in chains
Lock me in a dungeon just to torture me for days

Then wave me goodbye, like nothing happened
As we part ways.

Your poisonous hooks awaken desire
And gift me with love, just to burn it in fire

Who are You, You merchant of Death?

Why never kill me, finish me off?
I am not the one who will pay you off.

Dreams of flying,
Flying away, you sell me
But curse me with wings that cannot fly

Only a burden on my shoulders
Just to make me cry

Who are You, You agent of Dark?
You seem a companion, with eyes that spark

You come here a teacher, a friend?
Maybe no ill intentions, but to provide me with bread?

But I have known you, 
Known you too well
Always a mimic,
Consuming my head

Trying to destroy me, in Your twisted way
Might be both of us are neither night nor day

Think I am the demon, and You are the light?

Test my courage with your dreadful ignite!

And we will see who is a more worthy knight.

Struck me down, victory is Yours.
Fiendish laughter, so sick You enjoy

With all my lungs I shout at You

Trap me again, You worthless boy!

As my tears are falling and my heart starts aching,
Longing for love, my body is shaking…

You disappear.

Oh, my demon!
I remember your duty!

Thank you for reminding me of all the pain and beauty!

Because tomorrow is a jollier day

As neither friend nor foe, I bid you farewell
And wave to You myself:

Until we meet again.