Marko Milo

The Captain

An old vessel

In an ocean cold

In it a captain

With a heart of gold

Young and inexperienced
Spins the rudder
With only the wind
Remaining his brother

Because the crew always changes.

Hitting the rocks
Of the empty sea
The captain asks himself
Where should he be?

Not the sky
Or a lighthouse to guide him
For he yearns for something magical
To surprise him

But nothing ever happens.

Finally, late
A week or many
The vessel crashes
Into the waters plenty

The captain, swallowed
By the deep
Decides to swim up
To rebuild his humble fleet

The captain shivers
Looking for warmth
Decides to ignore it
While building a boat

Because he must not drown.

A better, but uglier
Deck arises
The captain older enough
To overcome the surprises

Continues sailing
Across the open sea
With fewer things
To boost his fear

But also tougher
To elicit a smile.